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Windstorm Productions presents:

A Rare and Intimate Evening Of Music With Guster


Fri January 11, 2013

Doors: 7:30pm / Show: 8:30 pm


About the Event:

Gusterrhoids ~ They’re back in January with more acoustic tour dates — these are sit down shows with wacky set lists, question & answer & request segments, and lovely ladies on cello/violin. They may even do a couple of them Town Hall Style.

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Pop quiz, no cheating: name a band that, fifteen years on, is operating at the absolute peak of its creative powers, making the most inspired, timeless music and playing to the largest audiences of its career? The answers don’t come easily, but we have one: Guster.

Ever since their humble beginnings at Tufts University, Guster have always sought to outdo themselves. They sell out New York’s fabled Radio City Music Hall one year and perform with the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall the next. They sell out a 33-date college tour, and this past spring founded the eco-friendly Campus Consciousness Tour, with buses powered by biodiesel and performances powered by wind power. It’s in this overachieving band’s nature to one-up itself.

Few would have predicted the evolution that Guster has undergone, but then, Adam Gardner, Ryan Miller, Brian Rosenworcel and Joe Pisapia have been quietly confounding expectations since Guster began recording 15 years ago. While critics scoffed that a college band with two acoustic guitars and some bongos could never amount to much, Guster steadily evolved into a group that creates smartly crafted guitar pop with ease. Many people might have dismissed them upon first impression years ago, but Guster is the rare artist that demands to be heard with new ears. And with their new album Easy Wonderful, the quartet has made a piece of art that rewards each listen. Guster have created the best album of their lives.


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Yellowbirds is the moniker for the musical exploits of Sam Cohen (guitarist / songwriter / vocalist of the psychedelic collective Apollo Sunshine). Cohen grew up in Houston, Texas, and while the Texas of his teens may have been home to Big Oil, Enron, the Bush family, and the drab grey Astros jerseys of the 90′s, he prefers to think of it as the Texas of yore- home to Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, th

e Space Program, and rainbow orange Astros jerseys. It stands to reason, then, that his current home of New York City must be the mythical Empire City – Rocky Mountains of architecture, epicenter of modern art, home to Charles Mingus and The Velvet Underground.It was with these timeless inspirations in mind that Cohen created The Color by Yellowbirds, his “solo” debut. Double-speed auto-harp glissandos, glowing backwards pedal-steel, bubbling echo and fuzz guitars coalesce into a warm wall of sound. As existential lyrical themes emerge, delivered nonchalantly over psyched-out aural landscapes, the picture emerges of a dust-blown, 4th dimensional Future West. This is Cohen’s quixotic world where “only the purist tones can be heard”.

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